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Guru Gita - The Essential Text for Awakening

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Yaşam Tarzı Health & Fitness
Geliştirici: Hard Light Center of Awakening
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Mark Griffin, the founder of the Hard Light Center of Awakening, has selected 108 of the 352 sutras from the ancient Indian text known as the Guru Gita. These verses focus on the universal nature of the Guru, and have been chosen as a tool for serious seekers - those who are sincerely interested in spiritual training and the attainment of Realization.

The recitation of the Guru Gita is one of the practices of the Hard Light Center for one simple reason... as Mark Griffin says: "I am teaching you this about the Guru because I believe its your best chance for Awakening in this lifetime".

The word Guru is known to be more than an individual person. Rather, it is a universal principle, a catalyst for enlightenment like no other. This fresh, original English translation from the Sanskrit is specifically designed for the contemporary seeker. Sanskrit and transliteration are also included, as well as an in-depth glossary.

This application features:

* Full Sanskrit and English text for each mantra
* Table of Contents to quickly jump to a specific verse
* Full text search with highlighted text
* Different viewing modes, including parchment and night-viewing mode
* Adjustable font sizes using the pinch gesture
* Color images
* Pronunciation guide for Sanskrit
* In-depth glossary
* Introduction and overview to the text